Cult Called Man

8 Jul 21:00 Main Stage

Cult Called Man are a five-piece new-age glam band from Dublin, Ireland. The band was founded in 2013 by lead singer Razmo and keyboardist Joe Hogarty. Having released two EPs and their debut album Cult Fiction, CCM have been hailed underground as a vibrant pop alternative to the mainstream; often bringing theatrical elements to their live shows.

With a heartfelt message, sometimes echoing the troubles George Orwell foresaw in his classic 1984, Cult Called Man are here to challenge everyone to think a little. Through their ever-changing, colourful shows this band is here to show you the grime with a style of their own and a broody preacher-like front man.

Having toured Ireland and graced stages like the Olympia, Cult Called Man are around to show that change is first a trickle, then a flood.

Cult Fiction is a take on the modern world. Where excess isn’t excessive enough. Fact or fiction doesn’t matter anymore, they’re interchangeable.

Just shut up and dance.